to provide a magical travel experience for the on the go woman and add convenience and style to her adventurous life.

what makes us different

We're not just a swimwear brand. We are a modern travel brand that produces high quality, fashion forward, solution based travel products and clothes. So, while we help with your beach and vacation swimwear needs, we also make your daily travels easier and more fun.

When you look up the word 'travel' in the dictionary, it says "to move or go from one place to another." Most people's connotation of the word travel is that you're either going on vacation or going somewhere far. When, in reality, travel can be the little trips we make on a daily basis (i.e. going to a business meeting or going to the grocery store). We wanted to be the brand to bridge the gap between those two ideas. So, whether you're traveling near or far, we want to take care of you.

our design process

All of our products are designed in-house by our founder, Ashlyn Herron. Our design mission is to make items that our customer can be sure won't be found anywhere else. From our custom printed fabrics to our branded accessories, you can be sure that no other brand will have what we provide.

Our aim is to design pieces that are sophisticated, quality and unique that make you feel sexy and powerful. Items that make your life happier and more beautiful.

We produce our line locally in sunny Los Angeles, Ca. It is our goal to keep as much business here in the USA as possible.